He’s a Tulsa Kid!

Check out this great spread in the April 2015 Tulsa Kids magazine, featuring an interview with our very own Cole Tomlinson!

Final Night of Introduction to Fencing

Tonight is the final night of our March Épée Introduction to Fencing Class! Our 12 rookie fencers will be round-robin bouting on-strip in 3-point bouts until time runs out.  Looking forward to a great evening!

Do you know the Snow Day Rule for Tulsa Fencing Club?


If Tulsa Public Schools are closed for a snow day, so is Tulsa Fencing Club. While I’m sure that you ALL welcome a day away from school, some of you may not be too happy about a day away from fencing.  We’re just watching out for everyone’s safety — some of our students (and our…

Calling all Fencing Club Parents!


You’ve signed your kid up for fencing class because, as your son tells you, “I’ve wanted to fence all my life!” You’ve made the financial commitment to join the club, register for classes, purchase the gear and the weapons, and spend three hours each week watching as your daughter takes her fencing lessons. The kid…


New competitive fencing program is coming.

Fencers who are committing to the competitive fencing program need to notify Coach David in writing (either regular email to or through private message on your HUB page) no later than next Tuesday, February 3. For more information about the competitive program, check your HUB page.