Our Mission:

  • To provide the highest level of instruction in the art and science of fencing, in a safe environment of mutual respect and self-discipline;
  • To promote respect for one’s self, one’s opponent, the instructors, the weapons, and the fencing tradition;
  • To foster an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and discipline;
  • To promote the social and athletic interactions of our members through the sport of fencing;
  • To encourage participation in fencing by all athletes, regardless of gender, disability, age and ability, and ethnic, cultural and socio-economic background;
  • To broaden the base of support for fencing in Oklahoma by actively offering fencing-related community outreach; and
  • To be a positive influence in the lives of our students, members and the community through our integrity and our ethical conduct.

Our History:

TFC has been training athletes in Tulsa since the early 1960s.  Following founder Art Wade’s lead, TFC has maintained an active group of competitive and non-competitive, or recreational, fencers for over five decades.  TFC  offers a range of education and training classes that have proven to keep fencers of all ages challenged and interested in continuing their fencing studies and pursuing the more competitive aspects of the sport through local, regional and national tournaments.  TFC is a member of the US Fencing Association, and is part of the Oklahoma Division of the US Fencing Association.

Our Coaching Staff:

  • David Dean, Head Coach; professional USFA member.  A former competitive fencer, Coach David has 27 years of fencing experience. He competed in épée and saber in the 2002 Olympic Trials and also helped coordinate Olympic festivals in 1989 and 1993.  Coach David is a member of the US Fencing Coaches Association through which he holds Moniteur certification in épée and saber, Prevot certification in foil, and is currently working on his Prevot certification in épée .

Our Volunteers:

Our fencers’ parents, spouses, and friends volunteer for any and every need at the club.  Special consideration and thanks should be given to:

  • Evida Davis, foil fencer and instructor
  • Kendra Davis, spouse of fencer Evida Davis, weapons master

Safe Sport:

On July 17, 2013, the USA Fencing Board of Directors adopted the USA Fencing Safe Sport Policy as part of its commitment to improving the development and safety of athletes and participants involved in sports.  As part of the policy, all of TFC’s coaches and instructors have passed background examinations and have completed awareness and safety training as a condition of membership.  

Our Location:

TFC rents the Southminster Presbyterian Church’s Community Life Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for its classes, practice and training.  The CLC is located just west of Peoria off 35th Place, behind the main church, facing south.   

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